It’s starting to get down to the wire with the deadline fast approaching. I get this feeling all the time whenever I am nearing any deadline. It’s a mix of anxiety and the adrenaline pulsing through your body as you anticipate the final outcome. Somehow I have learned to thrive off this feeling and I can’t seem to go through any project with out it.

Justin and I will be out tomorrow afternoon to start the enormous task of assembling all the exterior cladding for the car. It turns out there will be around 300 pieces when the final art car is fully assembled. We designed this thing to be a puzzle where every single piece is drawn and CNC milled to come together perfectly. The reality is that these things never come together perfectly and there is a certain amount of tolerance that is necessary for the build to work.

Here are some of the drawings for the build tomorrow, along with some diagrams and sections to describe how this things comes together.